Modify Lego Police Car

When I built a police car in Lego, without any particular original in mind. It turned out kind of a modern-retro-hybrid design.

I have started with the front part and experimented with different kind of windshields. And I challenged myself not to use any of the specialised mudguard tiles. That worked out well for the back wheels and at the front-end.

Initial windshield. This one is quite dynamic but also rather low, so I had to put an additional layer of black-transparent bricks beneath. Didn’t like it in the end (especially when viewed from the side).Alternative windshield. A bit more old-fashioned, but somehow charming. The rear of the car is still very blocky.

At this stage I re-built the current design in Lego Studio. I find that some ideas are easier to explore virtually, for example when experimenting with different colours (also, I often to not have a part in a specific colour, so I couldn’t try it in real anyway).

Re-building the current design in Lego Studio

After some more experiments I arrived at the (currently) final version. I do like it, but I’m not 100% happy with the rear end. Maybe I’ll give it a makeover sometime.

Final version (photo)Final version (photo)Final version (rendering)Final version (rendering)

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Author: Stefan Daschek

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